Dealing with neighbors about your drumming

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Dealing with neighbors about your drumming

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 24, 2015 5:14 pm

Here's some suggestions on how to keep on your neighbors good side when you want to play your drums at home.
It's a note on each persons door within ears reach and simply tell them that you will be playing from time to time.  And that you will not play past say 8:30pm.  Include your email address for them to contact you with any issues.  This makes them more at ease and tolerant since they now feel that you have their best interest in mind also.

There's also many ways to insulate the back side of your garage door(s).  I found a thin bubble wrap material that comes in sheet rolls about 3 feet wide and only about 1/4" think, I forget how long.  Maybe 50 feet. Both sides of the sheet theres silver reflective material.
I believe I found in online at Home Depot, but honestly it did a marginal job of keeping the sound in.

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